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We Do Real Estate Appraisal Data Entry Reporting With No Limits On Comps for $12 Per Report With Fast Turnaround Time Of Less Than 8 Hours. Rush Jobs Are Also Welcome.

What Do Real Estate Appraisers Need To Send Us?

  • You need to send us the template file of the relevant software.
  • MLS of the subject property and comps or you can give us access to MLS system and we can pull the data from there for you with no extra cost.
  • Specific public/tax records from NDC or country assessor’s website or let us know and we will pull the data as available.
  • Home inspection sheet.
  • Rough draft sketch.
  • 1004MC data.
  • Any such other relevant data which you may want us to use such as a contract or PUD details.

This is a general idea of what needs to be sent to us. Rest some additions and subtractions are always there for each individual.

Why Use Our Appraiser Data Entry Services?

  • No hidden charges, no set-up fee, no contracts.
  • Supported softwares are A La Mode WinTOTAL, Aurora, TOTAL, ACI , SFREP AppraiseIT and Bradford’s ClickFORMS.
  • We do free sketch if you send us rough draft and no extra charge for same.
  • Fast turnaround time between 5-8 Hours. No extra charge for rush reports
  • 24/7 Phone support available.

What Is The Process For Real Estate Data Entry Work

1. Real estate appraiser does the field inspection.
2. Appraiser prepares the data and send us the whole file. It includes the photos, inspection reports and any specific information he may want to include.
3. ADS team enters all the data the appraiser has provided as per the software template provided to us and fill all the comps details.
4. ADS team sends the reports to the real estate appraiser to analyze and the work is finished.

Providing data mining services is our forte. We have a team of veterans, who are well versed with the job and understand their responsibility for maintaining high standard with accuracy.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to frequently asked questions about our appraisal data entry service.

    How can I send the details for my order?

    You can send all data via Email or Dropbox or Gmail Docs. Which ever method suits you is fine with us.

    I have a very large number of project for appraisal data entry. Can your team handle it ?

    We have an efficient team and we are capable of handling any amount of work with proper efficiency. Bring us any amount of work you can and we will not disappoint you.

    What is the turnaround time?

    We have turnaround time ranging from 5 hours to 8 hours. We do not charge anything extra for rush jobs.

    Which softwares are supported for form filler by ADS?

    We work on the following software’s compatibility:-
    1. Aurora (a la mode)
    2. TOTAL 2013 (a la mode)
    3. ACI Report (ACI)
    4. ClickFORMS (Bradford)
    5. Appraise-It (SFREP)
    6. Narrative1
    7. Apex 5.0
    8. AreaSketch

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