Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send new data entry orders to you?

You can send your order at our email [email protected] or you can do the live chat with our team.

What is your standard turnaround time for a data entry project?

Our real estate data appraisal report generation time ranges from 5 hours to latest by 24 hours. It will depend on the factors which we discuss at the time of initial order.

Is your real estate appraisal data entry UAD compliant?

Yes our data entry services are UAD complaint like UAD URAR 1004, Exterior Only SFR 2055, Condo 1073 and Exterior Condo 1075 as well as newer Fannie Mae UAD forms. We also do Non UAD data entry in any form of your choice like Multifamily 1025, Manufactured homes, or any appraisal form available in your software

How much of an appraisal report do you fill in?

We complete almost the whole of the data in the reports. We do all the comps and if you give us instructions we include the pictures as well. Rest it depends on how mucg clear instructions are given by you.

Which real estate data appraisal software do you use for form filling?

We support following software:
1. Aurora (a la mode)
2. TOTAL 2013 (a la mode)
3. ACI Report (ACI)
4. ClickFORMS (Bradford)
5. Appraise-It (SFREP)
6. Narrative1
7. Apex 5.0
8. AreaSketch

What information is needed from client side to fill the forms for reports?

Everything that you would put yourself while making the report is needed by us. What you provide is what we fill the forms with. We will need subject data, comps, public records listings and MLS data. You can also send inspection reports along with rough sketches, contract details and 1004MC data. You can need to send us your software template file in which there maybe standard comments which you rarely change. If you give us your MLS details then we can pull data from there and you do not need to send us manually each time.